Casper Gymnastics Center temporarily closes due to COVID-19

CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) "The past week has kind of been an emotional roller coaster," said owner of Casper Gymnastics Center Ashlee Lowndes.

For CGC they were faced with a difficult decision in regards too COVID-19.

"We house over 200 families on top of all the pre-school open gyms, and to look out for their safety and to help those parents, ultimately we finally made the decision it was probably in our better interest to close the doors," said Lowndes.

Although the doors to the Casper Gymnastics Center maybe locked right now, staff has started doing online classes so students can keep their skills sharp.

"We felt that we wanted to be able to provide a virtual lesson so that way, it's a way for them to tweak it at home," said Lowndes. "I had my staff go home and look at items that they have around their house, most people have a couch, towels, chairs blankets they can utilize."

These virtual videos allow all their members to see their coach and feel like as if they were there.

"Anything that we can think of that we know that everybody has in their house we are trying to throw out those suggestions and giving them some physically activity," said Lowndes. "That way it gives them a way to still practice their body positions, their shaping that is so important in gymnastics and still allow them to feel like they are being part of it."

Lowndes says they plan to update their lesson plays weekly.