Casper Fire-EMS implementing 6 new compression devices

CASPER Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) The new Zoll auto pulse device lays out of the truck at Fire Station 6 in Casper. Captain Patrick McJunkin is surprised with about how many times they have used it.

"In the one month time, we've had it in service we've seen it deployed a number of times now which was a bit surprising however we've found it to be pretty effective," McJunkin said.

There are six devices in service. McJunkin added that they have one in each truck at each station. This device wraps around the chest area and can automatically create pressure to restart someone’s heart.
He added that this is a more efficient way of squeezing the heart to restore blood flow. McJunkin encourages community members to learn how to give hand compressions.

At a scene, they will still start hand compressions on a patient while the device starts.

He added that this device will create more efficiency at the scene.
"Give us potentially better outcomes in a full arrest and hopefully see more saves when we are working on these patients," McJunkin said.