Casper Fire-EMS anticipates its COVID-19 protocols will stay in place indefinitely

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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - When you see Casper Fire-EMS respond to emergency calls for the near future, it may look a little different.

Some of the personal protective equipment Casper Fire-EMS has been using on a regular basis during the pandemic.

"The new normal is just that, it's a new normal for us. As far as different protective postures and different guidelines for us interacting with both emergency contacts and regular day to day contacts," said Casper Fire-EMS Public Information Officer, Dane Andersen.

Casper Fire-EMS' partnership with dispatchers plays a big role in making sure they have all safety information possible as they respond to emergency calls.

"It really has been a truly collaborative effort and it all starts with when dispatch receives a phone call. Getting as much information as possible, as far as what's happening on that scene, is anyone symptomatic and then the quick communication from the dispatchers to us helps us to make sure that we are the best protected and setup for the best possible outcome," said Andersen.

Andersen said pandemic or not, Casper Fire-EMS is dedicated to the highest level of care it can offer. He anticipates the safety guidelines currently in place, will not go away any time soon.

"These protocols firefighters are taking to protect themselves and members of the general public, they're gonna be in place for a very long time I anticipate, unless new information is received from our state and local officials," said Andersen.

Andersen said firefighters see uncertainties and unknowns on a daily basis and Casper Fire-EMS is making all its operations as safe as possible.

As we saw some beautiful weather Monday, Andersen reminded the community about the threat of fires as the dry season approaches.

Andersen said the community needs to keep fire safety in the back of its minds at all times. During the pandemic, firefighters will be making adjustments to what their usual operations look like. Including social distancing when they encounter members of the general public on scene.

"We're gonna be doing our very best to maintain that social distancing and if we encounter an instance where we cannot do that, we'll have to temporarily pause operations, assume a level of a mask or maybe some other face covering, to allow us to communicate effectively with the members of the public," said Andersen.

Andersen said public interviews and gathering information about the incident are critical and Casper Fire-EMS will have extra personal protective equipment on hand at all times.