Capital City snow day

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) It's the tail end of November and Cheyenne has seen its most snow of the early winter. There's reports of snowdrifts 5 feet high, some areas reporting 15 inches of snow.

While majority of the city is shutdown and state highways like I-80 are impacted by closures. Others residents in Cheyenne see dollar signs as they see the storm approaching.

"I like to go out and make some money, at least for half of the day, the other half i'm going to go get my kid and go do some sledding that's for sure," local resident Aaron Wright said.

Around the city you see cars getting stuck and other folks coming to the save the day.

With a good portion of the stores and restaurants deciding to not open during the snow day, you seen business still want to be available to the community.

According to storefront owners of downtown, although there’s a mini blizzard, it's still business as usual.

"It's part of being a business owner right, that’s what everybody up and down these streets are doing, it's part of what you take on when you get a business ," Downtown Cheyenne, Renovating Hinds Building David Hatch said.

We have yet to see the biggest snowfall from this arctic blast, the best anyone can do is limit travel when necessary.

Police Officials encourage the people to clear off their cars in full, for optimal safety for drivers on the roads.