CBD products growing in popularity; Casper woman wants more

CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) Amber Sparks has Lupus and was bedridden for over ten years. She says CBD products are great on their own, and critically ill patients would be healthier if these products had THC in them.

These CBD products that don't contain any THC help people with anxiety or aches and pains.

"You've got to have the entourage effect. You've got to have more THC in it than 03. For a healthy person just taking it every day that wants to stay pretty healthy, that's great. For minor aches and pains, but for severe debilitating conditions you've got to have higher rates of THC in it,” Sparks said.

Sparks adds there will be hemp plants planted in the spring and those plants will provide revenue for the state and jobs for its residents.
CBD products come in various forms. Retailers say their customers use these products for anxiety, aches, pains and as a sleeping aid.
Sparks says people have a hard time getting their hands on it and are traveling to other states to get it.

She adds that she wants her home state to have the resources she needs. She worked for about ten years for CBD products to be legal and continues to advocate for THC in them.

"We are cheating the patients of Wyoming if we think that point zero three THC is enough to treat rare cancers or rare debilitating diseases...no I'm not happy I want the rest of the ball of wax,” Sparks said.

She adds she is happy about a campaign in 2020 to legalize medical cannabis.