Budget update for Cheyenne

Published: May. 2, 2019 at 7:36 PM CDT
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Mayor Marian Orr talked with Wyoming News Now about how Cheyenne's growth affects the budget. City council has many variables to consider when it comes to rationing out money.

Mayor Orr said, "We keep trying to do the same amount of work with the same amount of people yet we're growing. We had over 23 annexations and we've expanded our city footprint by over five miles."

Public safety among other expenditures take a toll on our budget and with the weather getting nicer city crews will be in full swing getting the parks and recreational areas up and running. Mayor Orr also said road repair is on the top of the list as potholes need to be filled around the area.

The budget also looks to address other project needs, such as the beautification and renovations of municipal buildings.

"We can have the best of both worlds," said Orr, "a successful Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and a municipal court center that services the city for generations. It's a matter of using tax payer funds to the best use, we really want to be good stewards of every-bodies money."

Mayor Orr said she is optimistic about the upcoming season and the financial insight of City Council.