Breast Cancer awareness month highlights Cheyenne resources

Published: Oct. 1, 2018 at 9:19 PM CDT
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Monday kicks off October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a great opportunity for everyone in our community to be self-aware and aware of issues others face in the region.

In Cheyenne, there is a special service available to those recently diagnosed with Breast or anything other type of cancer at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center. Their Cancer Center has trained medical professionals available as health navigators.

Navigators dedicate their days to answering questions, supporting patients, providing educational tools, providing key communications in meetings, and much more.

For Suzi Meisner-Esquibel the relationship with her navigator, Dani Best, went far beyond the Cancer Center. She says, “the guidance that she gave me helped me through and I don’t what it would be like to not have someone like that with your treatment.”

Suzi just finished her treatment for her 2nd diagnosis of Breast Cancer. She admits that when she was diagnosed the first time that she researched all medical options even in Colorado. However, Suzi says that she knew she found her team at CRMC. “(The staff are) just good people and they really genuinely reflected to me that they cared about me.”

Cancer Center Navigators are there through out the entire process starting at diagnosis and the relationship formed goes beyond the health plan.

Navigator Dani Best says the hardest part of her job is hearing of patients who didn’t know her services were available and they could have really used them in their time of need. In response to that, CRMC launched a simple hotline for the general public. To reach answers on general cancer questions you can simply call 996-HOPE.