Bomb threat in Evansville

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EVANSVILLE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) The Natrona County Sheriff’s Office responded to a potential bomb threat this afternoon in Evansville. A resident noticed a suspicious object in a vehicle and reported it.

The NCSO started an evacuation of the immediate area where the potential threat was. This included Evansville Elementary which went into a lock out period to shelter the children.

After taking steps to clear the area, the NCSO had members of the bomb squad investigate the suspicious object. The bomb squad determined the device was a capacitor and something even the NCSO was not familiar with.

“I wouldn’t expect to see it and the way she described it, absolutely warranted the response that we gave it. This isn’t something that we normally see and when we sat down and interviewed her before the bomb techs got here, it was absolutely a suspicious package device to me.” Sean Ellis of the NCSO said.

Ellis said there were no medical issues involved during the evacuation and the area has been cleared.

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