Learning about Body-Worn Cameras

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Cheyenne, Wyo. (KGWN) - Can you imagine if everything you did at work was recorded? That describes an officer wearing a body cam.

Cheyenne Police Department has been using body cams since October 1st. These cameras clip onto an officer's uniform, capturing what is happening in front of that person, and connecting to a DVR.

The purpose of this technology is to improve transparency and help to discern what truly happens between officers and citizens.

Though body cam footage helps to more fully paint the picture of what officers are doing, it's important to remember that the footage isn't the entire story.

Officer Kevin Malatesta, of the Cheyenne Police Department, says, "There’s a lot going on when we respond to a call. We have a lot of training, a lot of background, a lot of experience at how we handle these different situations. A camera’s not going to be able to capture any of that."