Board of Public Utilities places 3rd in regional best-tasting tap water contest

Courtesy: Ashley Waldron/Board of Public Utilities
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (RELEASE) - The City of Cheyenne’s tap water was awarded 3rd place in a blind water taste test for the Rocky Mountains this week. Judges sampled tap water from Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico during the 2019 annual conference of the Rocky Mountain Section American Water Works Association. Tap water samples were judged on appearance, quality, order and taste.

“We are proud of the high-quality tap water,” said Clint Bassett, City of Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities (Board) water treatment plant manager. “Especially when our water is recognized against the pristine resources and skilled treatment operators found throughout the Rocky Mountains.”

Aurora Water won second place and the City of Fort Collins took first place in the Rocky Mountain Section taste test. Fort Collins will represent the mountain west in the national “Best of the Best” water taste test for North America in June 2020.

Cheyenne’s drinking water comes from mountain streams in the Medicine Bow and Laramie Mountain Ranges. This water is collected in reservoirs, treated and blended with groundwater from the High Plains Aquifer. While Cheyenne has excellent water resources, it’s the Boards source of supply, treatment and water distribution crews which work diligently to supply safe and great tasting water to Cheyenne. Afterall, water connects us all.