Board Members Yet to Release Reason for Not Renewing President Nichols Contract

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LARAMIE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) It was announced in March that current University of Wyoming president Laurie Nichols would move to a faculty position when her current contract expires in June.

However, the University Board of Trustees has not shared much information on why that decision was made.

After speaking with a University spokesman today, we did learn that on March 15th four board members were on a plane to Glendale, Arizona.

President Nichols began a vacation in Arizona on March 14th.

We don't know if the board of trustees actually spoke with president Nichols during the time that they were in Arizona.

After speaking with the chairman of the board- Dave True- today, he says the reason that the board has not been able to share more on why board members made the decision to not extend president Nichols contract is because it was a personnel issue discussed in an executive session.

A special meeting was held on Wednesday, March 13th and according to the board meeting minutes the board entered into executive session for the purpose of "personnel."

we do not know if this was related to the decision regarding president Nichols, but it was just two days before board members flew to Arizona.