Baseball is back

Published: May. 23, 2020 at 10:02 PM CDT
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Over the Memorial weekend, people are partaking in outdoor activities. The State parks, reportedly are booked and sold out through Monday.

Finally, youth sports are back in full swing. The environment was full of anxious players and coaches, eager to get back out on the diamond and play the game we all love.

Legion Baseball is back in the Cowboy State after the layoff. The youth players got their shot to play with their club teams, which is different from their high school teams. Since Spring sports across saw its season postponed, for weeks, teams proved to be healthy and ready to go.

Family and fans lined the outfield for today's games. The social distancing guidelines were in full effect with no fans in the stands. For the players, it felt weird not hearing chants from the crowd. Cheyenne Hawks prep team, Shortstop Fisher Brown, says, "during the quarantine he and a few of his teammates maximized their off time staying sharp for whenever the season would arrive."

According to the Hawks Head Coach, Brian Lopez, "it's a two-month window for the kids to play baseball. His guys are eager to get runs on the board as that's the name of the game." Saturday afternoon, baseball seems to play the frontrunner in things to do for people who love spring/ summer baseball.

There's still the million-dollar question remains on the table, for now, and that is how long we will see baseball play on, without the fear of the season facing suspension due to spreads of the coronavirus? As cities continue the reopening phase, only time will tell, but for now, these young athletes are going to play ball.

Tomorrow, the first game of the day leads off with Cheyenne Post Six vs. Evanston, 9:30 am (Gillette Spring Classic Tournament).

In Cheyenne, the Cheyenne Hawks will duke it out with the Gillette Rustler at 10 am from Power Field.