Stride Learning Center is back in the house

Published: May. 29, 2020 at 7:06 PM CDT
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A non-profit organization, the Stride Learning Center of Cheyenne, says it's teachers and therapists are putting a whole new meaning on telehealth for its students.

"When there's difficult news or difficult things to work through. It's ok to do telehealth, but its a second choice by far."

Preschool student, Avi Williams, has battled spina bifida since birth.

However, she says she looks forward to her stride teacher coming to visit.

"Walking on the treadmill is my favorite part, and kicking the soccer ball is my favorite activity."

Avi William's grandmother, says the family is grateful to the learning center for it's extended efforts during these times. The families rely on Stride's Part C professionals to help connect the students with vital resources.

"Our family has learned a lot about how much we can do to support her, and the teachers and therapists are helping us learn the various activities. I believe nothing is going to stop her."

Street cruising evolves and continues in the city of Cheyenne, more and more organizations get the opportunity to benefit from different fundraisers. As the Stride Learning Center has a call to action, and the people of Cheyenne answered the bell.

The learning center's executive director, stated the families all opted to go back to in-person visits amid the pandemic. Coming up in the Fall, the preschool will reopen for the students to return to school.

"We need to be face to face, human to human working with each other for the betterment and the health of that child."

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