Author Steven W. Horn uses Wyoming as writing inspiration

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) - Cheyenne is home to some well-respected authors who draw upon their experiences around the world and at home. One of those authors is local mystery writer, Steven W. Horn. He says, "I know the beginning and I know the ending of a book before I ever start, because I’ve thought about it sometimes for years."

When readers hear the author's name, "Steven W. Horn," they think of the Sam Dawson book series. For people living in Cheyenne, the work resonates.

In writing his latest book, "When They Were Young," Horn turned to his love for Wyoming from the country landscapes to Wyoming's strong focus on agriculture.

Horn explains, "This book takes place in the Horse Creek area and the Pole Mountain area, just west of town."

Even the characters in Horn's writing are influenced by our region. For example, even though the sheriff in the book is a fictional character, Horn took inspiration from our sheriff's office in developing his story line.

This author rarely reads mystery suspense books because he doesn't want to develop a system or structure that is formulaic. This allows his readers to not know what is coming next.