Ask WGFD: What animals am I allowed to possess in Wyoming?

(Courtesy Michigan DNR)
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (WGFD Release) The question from a Wyoming resident:
Mark, I was recently informed it is illegal to possess certain animals in Wyoming, like wolf hybrid dogs. How can I learn what animals I am allowed to possess in Wyoming?

Mark Nelson, Permitting Officer
Wyoming has statutes and regulations governing the importation and possession of certain wildlife. These laws help guard against threats such as disease, competition and hybridization that imported wildlife may pose to Wyoming’s wildlife. While some wildlife is legal to possess in Wyoming, many others are not. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has developed a handy reference guide describing what wildlife may be imported or possessed. This guide can be found on our website.

If an animal is not listed in this guide, it does not mean the animal can be imported or possessed without a permit. While Game and Fish may allow possession of various wildlife, local ordinances may be more restrictive. It is your responsibility to check city and county laws before importing or possessing live wildlife. Copies of applicable regulations and applications for permits are available online. For more information call your local game warden or Regional Office.