Aquaponics in Cheyenne

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. -- While some business had to make changes to the menu because of the recent romaine lettuce recall, one was able to function as normal because of where it sources its produce.

Linger around the Garden is owned by Matt Linger. He uses aquaponics which uses the water from a fish tank to fertilize plants that sit in a raised bed after the water is filtered. The Aquaponics Source website includes a link to research done that shows fish can’t transmit E.Coli because they are cold blooded. The study can be found at

Linger said, “It should be the way of the future and our soil is used over and over and over again this is one-hundred percent pure organic, one-hundred percent full circle so we’re using less water on our environment so it’s actually a better thing for us.”