Jason's Friends and Brian Helling of Allstate Team Up to Gather Donations

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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) There is a way you can donate to help families in need all across the state.

Jason's friends is a Casper organization that helps families all throughout Wyoming with children suffering from cancer or brain and spine tumors.

"There are no pediatric cancer centers here in Wyoming so we ensure that they get to anywhere that they need to go. denver salt lake and even further we had a family all the way out in Washington D.C getting treatment so we ensure they get what they need." Said Christine Robinson, the program director.

The organization has one big fundraiser a year, but in order to continue helping Wyoming families, they are asking for some extra help this week and throughout the year.

"Jason's friends is looking for general donations to help these families with their travel back and forth and household bills such as mortgage, rent, utilities, car payment, car insurance. anything to take care of things at home so that they can concentrate on their child."

This week, Jason's friends is being highlighted by the Brian Helling Allstate group in Casper, where if you make a donation of any kind at their office, you will be entered in to win a pair of Avengers movie tickets to a private showing at the end of the month.

"A member of our team was directly impacted by Jason's friends and received the benefit of financial support that they provide and its a super meaningful thing for her. unfortunately, she lost her sister um and Jason's friends played a huge role in them being able to not worry about the financial burden of travel and of the other things and to be able to focus on their child and her sister." Said Brian Helling of Allstate.

Not only is this organization helpful for so many families at a time of need, but almost all of the money this organization gives out stays within Wyoming.

If you're not in the Casper area but want to help, contact the Brian Helling insurance agency to see how you can help.