Andy Corbin wins record for Wyoming's heaviest pumpkin at 1,491 pounds

Published: Oct. 22, 2019 at 8:43 AM CDT
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Andy Corbin wins the state record for heaviest pumpkin in Wyoming, weighing a total of 1,491 pounds.

Corbin pollinated the plant June 25th of this year. Within almost 4 months, he grew Wyoming's heaviest pumpkin with the help of a lot of fertilizer and water. He says the pumpkin was taking in 100 gallons of water a week.

When asked about how he feels about breaking the Wyoming State Record, he said "Fantastic! I was excited, we weren't anticipating breaking the state record. We estimated it at 1,295 (pounds), so when we took it to the competition and it weighed 1,491 we were just thrilled. Like wow, I cant believe we almost just grew a 1500 pound pumpkin."

Corbin thanks his wife for her support in helping him pursue his pumpkin passion. Together, they've named Wyoming's heaviest pumpkin "Monster."

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