An Apothecary introduces a unique business to Downtown Cheyenne

Published: Feb. 12, 2020 at 10:28 PM CST
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This Spring, an Apothecary named 'The Hawthorn Tree' will be joining the district to offer a unique service to the community.

An Apothecary according to Merriam-Webster originates from Greek, Latin and old French Dialect which translates to 'storehouse'. Apothecary's are also used as retail establishments.

Commonly known as general stores where medicinal compounds, to provide pain relief or, minor treatment for illnesses are created.

Allen the owner of the shop reminds consumers that these are not replacements for real treatment for sickness, and are not a replacement for medical practice.

Furthermore, The Hawthorn Tree will carry close to 100 different herbs, teas and spices in the store. A tea room is included which is dedicated to customers to indulge and sip on their favorite blends.

A commercial kitchen is featured to create handcrafted herbal products. The goal is to give the community an old general store feel with a very modern day touch.

Susan states, "So we are going to make it feel like you just walked back in time in some ways, and very modern in other ways. Again, we will have the meditation the drop-in meditation up top, for people that just want to get away for a minute. Kind of collect their thoughts. Meditation, I mean, I cannot tell you how many benefits there are.”

The Hawthorn Tree is still under construction and is looking to open its doors to the community in May 2020.

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