After 20 years of service, Casper Fire-EMS Deputy Chief excited for new adventure

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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) Deputy Chief Dan Griswold began his career in Casper. After 20 years of service, he's excited for a new adventure.

Deputy Chief Dan Griswold hugs his wife after being honored for his service.

"There's a lot of good things I'm leaving behind in Casper both professionally and personally. Great department, great community, great organization and then I'm also very excited to start this new adventure in Visalia, California," Griswold said.

Griswold began his career at Casper Fire-EMS when he was 21. He said he's learned a lot over the years.

"That's one thing I'm real proud of with the fire service, there's not really a play book for everything that the fire department faces within their day. It comes through training and working together and communication where they gotta figure out the best solution for the best end result," Griswold said.

He said the fire service is a lot like a regular family. You don't always see eye to eye but you appreciate that you're all there for the same purpose.

Casper Fire-EMS Fire Chief Tom Solberg said Griswold is going to take more than a piece of Casper with him to California.

"This 20 years as we see it now, he thinks it went very fast. I'm sure over that 20 years there's been sleepless nights, all kinds of unfortunate bad calls that he's had to run and then also some very positive calls where he's been able to help serve the community. He's gonna take that with him both for the rest of his life and throughout his professional career," Solberg said.

Advice Griswold would give to future generations of Casper Fire-EMS? Have realistic expectations for your career and always do the right thing.

Griswold thanked the community and said he could not have done it without them making this such a great place to work.