Active shooter scenario training

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) The Cheyenne Fire Rescue and Cheyenne Police Department held an active shooter scenario training exercise together in order to combine their expertise.

Today was the first day of the training and throughout the upcoming sessions every single police officer and first responder will be trained in the active shooter scenario. It was held at the Cole Shopping Center that has been vacant since 2016.

“These things occur almost on a daily basis it seems, we want to be ready for it and have that appropriate response if it were to happen here in Cheyenne” said CPD Public Information Officer Kevin Malatesta.

The role of CPD would be to neutralize the threat, making sure the scene is safe and secure while CFD would analyze what help the victims need and get them the help they need to survive.

“We’re working on protocols and training and just how we would integrate with each other to make the community safer and the scene safer in case of an event like this,” said Fire Department Chief of Training Nick Siemens.