AARP wants to help defeat fraud and scams

CASPER Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) One of the rooms at the Lyric was full of people ready to learn about how to protect themselves and their families from fraud and scams.

Eric Heimann from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Wyoming was one of the presenters. This event was hosted by AARP Wyoming.
“AARP’s focus with the fifty and over is to help protect those people and give them tools and resources on how to protect themselves and their families from being taken advantage of,” said Tanya Johnson, AARP Wyoming Associate state director.

Heimann taught everyone about a handful of scams that could reach them by phone or computer like tech support, charity and ones that may seem like a loved one is in trouble.

“Your grandchild is in jail and we want you to give us so much money,” Johnson said.

Others like romance scams that could make people upset.
Heimann added one way to detect if a phone call is a scam is if people are urgent or insistent about sending them money over the phone.
He added other red flags to look out for are people asking for unusual ways of payment like, wiring money or buying pre-paid debit cards.
Also, if someone is asking for money to be sent out of the United States.

Heimann added the best way to retain this information is to share it with friends and family.