City of Cheyenne shares what slows down filling in potholes

A few potholes in Cheyenne, Wyoming waiting to be patched up by the city.
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) What if you see a pothole?

Snap a picture, report it online, and after a few days, you still may not see a change.

"They don't go from pothole to pothole. They go from area to area."

Meaning one person could report a pothole within an area the city is already working and see it repaired the next day.

While another may wait weeks to see crew filling in the pothole they reported.

Public works director Vicki Nemecek usually the city tries to repair potholes within two weeks.

"It depends really on the time of the year. In the spring, of course, it's going to be longer because there are more potholes out there."

She says public works has been mapping out all of the pothole requests.

"We can go and look at this map and see we have a problem here. There are seven potholes that have been reported here." She said.

Nemecek says the city usually takes in around 12 hundred requests a year.

And that most of those are during April May and June.

"When it's very wet. And water is the main cause of those potholes it's that freeze-thaw cycle."

Different jobs requiring manpower and waiting on asphalt from the plant can slow the process.

"And of course, the weather has to cooperate as well. You can't really fill in potholes when they're full of water."

Nemecek says if a pothole you've reported isn't filled within two weeks it's possible something was missed.

"That kind of stuff happens. It's human nature, there's always going to be a mistake."

She says if that happens -- give public works a call or resubmit the request.