A Look at Body and Dash Cam Footage from a Deadly Officer-Involved Shooting

Published: Nov. 13, 2018 at 11:36 PM CST
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Footage from a deadly officer-involved shooting is being made public. On November 4th, Robbie Ramirez, age 39, was shot and killed on the 2100 Block of Garfield in Laramie by Derek Colling. The question on many residents’ minds are, Why and What happened?

From the body and dash cams, it's apparent that Colling spotted Ramirez driving around fifteen miles per hour in a thirty zone. This often indicates something like impaired driving or a medical episode.

Then Ramirez made an abrupt turn, so Colling performed a traffic stop and approached the passenger window.

After knocking on the window repeatedly and asking Ramirez to roll it down to no avail, Colling requested a cover unit.

Next the vehicle left, causing a pursuit and ending in a high risk stop. Ramirez stepped out of the vehicle. Colling first tried using a taser, but that didn't stop Ramirez and a fight ensued. It ended with Colling firing several rounds.

Reports have said that Ramirez has suffered from mental illness. This shooting is still under investigation.