A Laramie nurse is about to run across the state of Alaska

Published: Mar. 30, 2019 at 8:45 PM CDT
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One Laramie nurse is running across the state of Alaska. This is the last state she needs before completing a run across all of the 50 states.

Helene Neville said that Wyoming was the 39th state that she completed. She also said that she liked the people so much she decided to come back and work as a nurse, write her next book and train.

On March 29, 2019 there was a send off for her at the Laramie Care Center.

Below is the Press Release |

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Laramie Nurse to Depart for Alaska – Having successfully run across 49 states covering, 12,285 miles, only the State of Alaska remains. At nine a.m. on April 6, 2019, at Earthquake Park, on West Northern Lights Boulevard, Helene Neville will begin an 869 mile run to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to complete her journey of running across all 50 states to inspire others to “Rethink Impossible.” Neville chose Alaska, The Last Frontier, as her final state to run across because she feels her motto “Rethink Impossible” parallels with Alaska’s state motto “North to the Future” as both represent hope and promise.

Upon completion of Alaska, Neville becomes the first woman, and the first person to run self-supported and only the second person in recorded history to run across all 50 states.

Neville hopes to finish by her August birthday. She will run in two segments, Anchorage to Livengood (442 Miles) Livengood to Prudhoe Bay (427 Miles). The second segment is the most challenging as it will take her over the most treacherous highway in North America, The Dalton Highway.

She will continue to raise funds for this final run as she will need roadside support to finish Alaska and complete her journey of running across all 50 United States.

On May 1, 2010, Neville, a survivor of three brain abscesses, three brain surgeries, and reoccurring lymphoma, embarked on a quest to run across every state in America to inspire the nation to “Rethink Impossible” along the way, she found that there’s more right with humanity than she ever imagined.

Neville also pushed her limits beyond comprehension, by being the first person to run the Las Vegas Strip back and forth for 35 hours, covering 135 miles. She then became the first person in history to run up and down the Philadelphia Art Museum steps, (the infamous “Rocky Steps” for a total of 16 miles) beating the prior recorded distance of 7 miles.

Neville goes the distance to demonstrate to those needing hope and inspiration what’s physically and mentally possible despite all odds.


Without a roadside crew, all alone on the highways of America, surviving on whatever was in her backpack on a particular day, Neville ran where others said not to: major cities, desolate areas void of people, treacherous terrain, and places with unpredictable horrific weather conditions. Despite suffering cancer, broken bones, an attempted assault and abduction, financial hardships, and the deaths of family members, she continued running to show others that nothing should stand in their way of achieving their goals and dreams. Neville’s run is about humanitarianism and athleticism. “The most spiritual thing we can do is embrace humanity and connect with those around us. What if we reach out and celebrate each other’s strengths rather than weaknesses? Neville said.

While running, the beautiful display of humanity Neville encountered, kept her going and she also found a deeper love for her country, and its people.

In addition to, and complimenting her athletic and humanitarian career, Neville has written four books, is a nurse, inspirational speaker, and entrepreneur. However, her greatest accomplishment is being a mom & grandmother.

Neville has spoke in 49 states over 300 hospitals. cancer centers, as well as prestigious institutions, schools, and corporations. Neville offers her speeches pro-bono during her runs.


• In 2010, in the brutal summer heat, she completed her first historic run from Ocean Beach, California to Atlantic Beach, Florida, running an astounding 2,520 miles in 93 days. Against all odds, along on America’s highways, Neville became the first runner ever to run the transcontinental southern route in the summer.

• In 2013, Neville ran 1,560 miles from Vancouver, Canada, to Tijuana, Mexico, she carried a 26 pound urn in her backpack containing the ashes of her brother who passed away just before the start of this segment.

• Neville’s third transcontinental run started May 1, 2014, in Marathon, Florida, and finished 68 days and 1,860 miles later in Portland, Maine.

• October, 2014, Neville was selected as the top “100 Distinguished Women of Nevada” for her dedication to build healthy communities.

• Her 4th segment of her run began in Eastern Maine on May 1, 2015, at the Canadian border and finished 3,773 miles/128 days later in Ocean Shores, Washington, on Sept. 5, 2015. Neville was the 5th person to ever run the perimeter of the continental United States and the oldest to do so.

• On Oct. 8, 2015, Neville was honored as a star on The Flag for Hope. Neville was one of 50 prominent iconic Americans chosen out of 323 million people for this honor. Among the 50 icons included as Flag for Hope Stars are Justice Sandra Day O’Conner, General Colin Powell, Admiral Patrick Walsh, Billie Jean King, Major General James E. Livingston, Muhamad Ali, Tom Selleck, and Carlos Santana, Neville is star number 12.

• On Jan. 30, 2016, Neville ran the Las Vegas Strip for 35 hours back and forth covering 135 miles.

• November 25, 2016, with her chemo port still in her chest, Neville created a Marathon of Love. She began her run at her childhood home, spread some of her brother’s ashes, and ran 10.2 miles to the Philadelphia Art Museum with the urn in her back pack. Neville ran the famous ‘Rocky Steps’ symbolic of the underdog. She ran up and down the Rocky Steps 384 times covering 16 miles in 7 hours 30 minutes.

• 2017 Run – Evanston, Wyoming, to West Virginia, to Las Vegas, Nevada – 3,142 miles in 147 days. Neville is the first person on record to run solo across every state in the continental United States. Neville is only the second documented runner and first female to complete running all 48 states.

• 2018 Run - Oahu, Hawaii, Neville ran the perimeter of the island covering 127 miles finishing in six days.

• 2018 - Neville is featured in the acclaimed documentary, “The Human Race.”