A Healthier Wyoming

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CHEYENNE, wYO. (Wyoming News Now) According to the President of the Wyoming Hospital Association, Primary Care seems to be one of the areas we're going to be facing challenges in the future.

"I think an investment of Primary Care is really important, we're facing shortages in health care professionals all cross the country," Wyoming Hospital Association's President Eric Boley said.

Wyoming is a Frontier state, with huge land mass and a small population.

Eric boley believes the Cowboy state is making strides towards upgrading the Healthcare model.

"I think there's a bigger push towards quality and outcome and the care that is given, and I think that our facilities and hospitals are focusing on that," Wyoming Hospital Association's President Eric Boley said.

Healthcare Officials believe Wyoming is catering towards an aging demographic.

"Wyoming is an aging population, I think we are the 3rd oldest demographically in the country, I think we need to prepare for that by having appropriate setting and appropriate places for people to receive care as they age."

The President of the Wyoming Hospital Association says Wyoming doesn't have an actual Healthcare System in place, but mainly stands alone facilities with affiliations and partnerships.

It's evident Wyoming is moving in the direction of more innovative technology in it's hospitals and more funds for research, however like any good thing, it takes time.