A Day With Dad

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CHEYENNE, Wyo - Father's Day is the time we show our dads how much they mean to us.

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One Cheyenne resident says "for every father out there, it's a special day."

A day with dad helps people seek out of the house fun on Sunday.

Many places in town re-opened this weekend.

One long time Cheyenne Resident says it was pure joy when his daughters came and surprised him for the day with a little mini golf.

He said "You have to love them with all of your heart, when my kids come and get me for something like this, you just appreciated the heck out of them."

The A-M-C movie theater, Cheyenne Ice and Event Center and Two Bar Bowl all opened this weekend, giving dads something to do while keeping the proper distance.

As the City of Cheyenne attempts to rebound and businesses begin to reopen on a day like Father's Day when there's not a lot of attractions around town, people are still finding things to do with their dads.

All day with dad, the best gift of all.

This resident says what we know to be true "they took care of you when you were little, now you get to take care of them when they are older."

Father's Day is typically the day dad gets to relax and while it may look a little different this year because of Coronavirus, there are many ways to celebrate dad or the father figure in your life."

A resident left us with one parting gift to share with the City "Happy Father's day!"