3 local restaurants closed due to positive COVID cases

Restaurants limited to take-out and delivery only, due to coronavirus concerns Photo: Justin Henry / CC BY 2.0 via MGN.
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) It was a foregone conclusion that confirmed cases of the virus would spike. Just as many places entered the third phase of reopening, the exposure of people being around each other was only a matter of time before the next outbreak.

Health officials say that at least three restaurants in Cheyenne have workers who have tested positive or are probable for COVID-19.

A source says that they work for a restaurant, where they say they might be exposed to COVID-19.

“I showed up to work, and there was a sign that said we were closed.”

One Boss decided to shut down the restaurant for 24 hours, conducting the proper measures after an employee tested positive for Coronavirus.

“For two reasons. 1 They could go in and do the deep cleaning, 2. To give us time to do the contact tracing, that’s necessary to talk with the staff members to find out who else had close contact with these individuals.”

The Health Department says three restaurants closed after employees tested positive. The businesses will be allowed to open after they show documentation; they have taken the necessary steps to sanitize.

The department of Health Director says restaurants are doing all they can to comply with guidelines when it comes to defending the community from the Coronavirus.

“We are currently working with those restaurants, and they have been very cooperative with us, So it’s not unusual for them to stop and give us time to do the tracing and do the deep cleaning of the business.”

The Laramie County Department of Health was unable to provide the names of the three businesses impacted. Only time will tell how many other restaurants will have positive tests surface in the workplace.