Taco John’s and Jonah Bank unite for month-long suicide prevention fundraising campaign

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (RELEASE) - Taco John’s and Jonah Bank of Wyoming are joining forces for the third consecutive year to fight the rising incidence of suicides across Wyoming.

Throughout May, participating Taco John’s and Jonah Bank locations will encourage customers to contribute to their month-long campaign to support the suicide prevention efforts of local nonprofit groups across Wyoming. All of the money raised will be donated to these local organizations.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to join Jonah Bank in supporting the life-saving work that Grace For 2 Brothers and similar organizations do in Wyoming on a daily basis,” said Jim Creel, CEO of Taco John’s International. “Suicide has tragically grown to such a level of prominence that nearly all of us know of at least one person who has taken their own life. It is our hope that Taco John’s and Jonah Bank will provide additional funding and raise awareness to anyone contemplating suicide that there is reason for hope. There are people out here who care. We care.”

Grace For 2 Brothers Foundation’s mission is suicide prevention through education and awareness as well as providing support for survivors of suicide loss in Cheyenne and around Wyoming.

“We are very grateful to Taco John’s and Jonah Bank for their generous support of our organization,” said Rhianna Brand, Director of Operations at Grace For 2 Brothers. “The companies were both founded in Wyoming, so consumers have a special appreciation and respect for them. Their help in letting as many people as possible know they are not alone is a huge boost to our mission.”

“Last year, thanks to the amazing support of our communities, we were able to raise $22,054 for Grace for 2 Brothers and several other state-wide suicide prevention programs,” said Gregg Jones, EVP/Cheyenne Branch President at Jonah Bank. “We hope to raise even more this year in addition to raising awareness to battle the suicide epidemic.”