A community survey says Casper wants to keep recycling depots

CASPER Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) The community recycling depots sit empty due to their closure since the outbreak of COVID-19. Cynthia Langston, the solid waste manager, said they have accumulated too much contamination, and getting rid of them is a possibility.

“Some of the contamination in corrugated cardboard is styrofoam and then the packing paper and peanuts. Those things should not be in the depots,” Langston said.

However, a survey went out to the community and Langston said the most popular option out of a list of five options was to keep the community depots and hire more staff at the material recovery facility.

“The staffing would go through it and remove the contamination,” Langston said.

She adds this plan includes adding one dollar and seventy cents to everyone’s trash bill.

However, getting rid of the depots could drop the recycling rate.

“Those community depots are very convenient and I think that’s why keeping them open is the most popular option,” Langston said.

She added city council will see the survey results and possibly make a decision Wednesday night.