MacKenzie Turk

Morning Anchor/Reporter

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MacKenzie attended Florida Gulf Coast University and majored in Communication,with focuses in Journalism and Public Relations.

After graduating with honors, she became a Florida school teacher. She enjoyed helping students reach their full potential. It was there she was able to connect with her students while presenting information that was important to them.

MacKenzie wanted to reach a larger audience to report on what matters most to them. So she traded in her Florida flip-flops for Cheyenne cowboy boots.

Although she was raised in Baltimore Maryland, she grew up in a very rural area similar to Cheyenne.

Finding stories that matter and connecting on a personal level is what MacKenzie looks forward to here in Cheyenne.

When MacKenzie isn’t working, you can find her hanging out with her silly French Bulldog Oliver, watching her Baltimore Ravens win a tooth and nail football game, and singing for any that will listen.

She hopes you will stop her if you see her in town , introduce yourself and tell her how she can bring any issues to light that need to be addressed.

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