Aiden Greco

Cheyenne, Wyoming
Aiden Greco

Aiden moved to Wyoming in May of 2022 to join the Wyoming News Now team in Cheyenne as an Anchor and Multimedia Journalist. Being from Colorado, Aiden is acclimated to the cold and snow, but not the wind.

A chatty and inquisitive person, Aiden loves to learn about happenings in the world, his community, and people around him, as well as silly facts you probably didn’t know.

Because of this, Aiden was dubbed “The King Of Useless Knowledge” by friends and family. Did you know that a banana is technically a berry, but a strawberry is not?

Aiden loves to travel with his family, so when he is not on your TV, you can find him skiing in the mountains or relaxing on a beach. He is always down to meet new people on the slopes.

Aiden also volunteers for the American Red Cross.

Aiden would love to hear from you! You can contact him by email at or via Twitter @AidenGrecoNews. You can also follow him on Instagram @_aidenvgreco_.

  • Colorado Media School, Radio & Television Broadcast, 2021