Carl Rippy

Chief Meteorologist
KGWN, Cheyenne
Carl Rippy

Carl Rippy is Chief Meteorologist for KGWN and KCWY in Cheyenne and Casper, Wyoming.

Carl has served as a meteorologist on local, regional, national, and international platforms across the country and various places around the world.

We are thrilled to have him join our Wyoming News Now Team and look forward to his service as Greater Wyoming's Weatherman.

Carl first became fascinated with weather, as a young man, when a “Bolt Out of the Blue” struck near him on a sweltering summer day at his home place in south-central Idaho. Carl’s mother says, “he’s been jumpy ever since.”

When Carl is not at the station or in the field you can find him at the gym working out with his group of fitness friends. You will also see him on the back of his steel horse riding around our viewing area and interacting with our viewers. Carl is an outdoorsman and also enjoys any kind of extreme sports. If it is death-defying, Carl will likely be there!

Carl is actively involved in numerous volunteer events, if you’d like him to join yours, feel free to reach out to him at He can also be followed on Instagram and Twitter @WeatherManCarl, Facebook and LinkedIn at Meteorologist Carl Rippy