Ashley Morgan

Weekend Meteorologist/MMJ
Cheyenne, WY
Ashley Morgan

Ashley anchors the weekend weather and is an MMJ. She is from Columbus, OH and studied Geoscience with a focus on Broadcast and Operational Meteorology at Mississippi State University. In her down time, Ashley enjoys traveling, visiting various national and state parks, and monitoring the weather for her home state of Ohio.

Ashley has always been interested in weather for as long as she can remember. All weather types interest her, whether it's winter storms, severe thunderstorms, or even high wind events. The biggest weather memory for her involves going to her grandma's house in Northern Ohio and being scared of the sky because it was tinted green. She had to take cover in her grandma's hallway as there was a tornado down the street and she remembers how scary it was that a tornado was so close.

If you would like to reach out to Ashley, feel free to email her at or follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Mississippi State University