Ashleigh Bryant

Morning Meteorologist
Ashleigh Bryant

Ashleigh Bryant was born and raised in Kennesaw, Georgia. She spent many days at her grandparents house, where she would watch the news and collect her love for all things Meteorology. While many meteorologists have a crazy story of why they love it, Ashleigh's reason is honestly because of Al Roker.

Ashleigh graduated from the University of South Alabama, which is in Mobile, Alabama, in May 2021. She graduated with her degree in Meteorology, while focusing in Broadcast, and a minor in Mathematics. While at her university, Ashleigh worked in her schools Broadcast studio providing forecasts for the community.

For free time, Ashleigh loves spending time at the gym, watching her favorite movies, and giving her parents a call everyday to make her feel at home.

Ashleigh is always open to communicate with the community! You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok! Otherwise, you can reach her at

  • University of South Alabama, Meteorology, May 2021
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