Pentatonix bringing Christmas tour to Casper

The Grammy Award winning Pentatonix will be coming to the Ford Wyoming Center, and I spoke exclusively with Mitch Grassi.
Updated: Nov. 8, 2023 at 10:00 AM CST
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - The Grammy Award winning vocal group Pentatonix will be coming to the Ford Wyoming Center next week. And I spoke exclusively with founding member Mitch Grassi about their new album, their upcoming tour, and more.

James: “First up, you guys have a new compilation album... A new Christmas album out. Tell us a little bit about that.”

Mitch: “Yeah, it is... I have it right here... A 31-song Christmas album. We included all of our favorites. All the fan favorites. Eight new tracks. Basically we just wanted to create the perfect Pentatonix Christmas playlist for this album.”

James: “In fact as I was looking at the tracks on this new album... There’s traditional Christmas ones, some that aren’t quite Christmasy... But there’s a few I thought was interesting. You guys have a few church songs on there. Like, a few gospel songs as well.”

Mitch: “We do, yup! Yeah we do. You know some of us grew up singing in the church. And I think gospel really has a special place in our hearts. And some of these Christmas gospel songs, man... They’re just so infectious. And so joyous. We just can’t help but do them. We just love it. And I think it works so well with a capella, as well.”

James: “Do you have a favorite?”

Mitch: “That is tough. That’s tough. You know I think out of the classics... Or the classic Pentatonix arrangements... I would say ‘Mary, did you know?’.”

James: “Yes!!!” (I love that song)

Mitch: “It’s becoming one of my favorites. It’s such a dynamic, beautiful composition. And it’s really one of the most fun to sing.”

James: “So you guys have a new tour that’s going to be starting here quite soon. Tell us a little bit about the name of the tour and how many cities. Give us all the down low on that.”

Mitch: " ‘It’s the most wonderful tour of the year’. It is... Gosh... I think it’s 23 cities. Umm... Yeah starting very soon. Starting next week, I believe, in Palm Desert.”

James: “You guys get the chance to kind of... Actually maybe get out and see any of where you’re at? Or are you guys so busy, that you’re just constantly on the bus, basically?”

Mitch: “Yeah, yeah we do get a chance to see some things. It’s tough because we’re trying to balance, you know, resting for the tour. Which can be quite... It can be hard on the voice, of course. And the body. But we do make it a point to, you know, have some fun. Get some breaks. Relax. Not think about work for a second. And see the sights, you know.”

James: “Well hey, Mitch, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me. I greatly appreciate it.”

Mitch: “Of course!”

Tickets are still available for the concert... Which is scheduled for Saturday, November 18th, at 7 pm.