Some Republican politicians refute WyoRino

The Natrona County Republican Party held an event last week, in which they invited the person or people who run the WyoRino website.
Published: Sep. 18, 2023 at 9:03 PM CDT
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Casper, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - We first told you about a website called WyoRino a couple of weeks ago. It’s a website that calls out certain Republicans for not being conservative enough. The Natrona County Republican Party held an event last week, in which they invited the person or people who run the website.

Six state senators and representatives, from across the state, who have been called out on were in attendance at the Natrona County Republican Party event. Representative Barry Crago has been one of those targeted by the website. He explains what the website does. “The website rates you based on ten particular votes. Those votes, they claim, are either conservative or not, based on how they view the bill. And so, obviously, if you don’t vote how they want you to vote, or how they think you should have voted, then they give you a score on that.”

The person or persons who run the website were invited to be guests of honor, but they didn’t show. One attendee, Dan Sabrosky, explains why he attended... And it may not be why you think. “It’s no secret that there’s a huge divide in the Republican party. Especially here in Natrona County. So curiosity, more than anything, is what brought me here.”

While Sabrosky and his friends denied operating the website causing the controversy... He’s not necessarily thrilled with the current status quo. “The more correct term, let’s say on both sides... Because on our side, we consider ourselves conservative... Constitutional conservative republicans... So I think the real term out there for the public is... The establishment republicans of who put this event on tonight (Thursday)... And then there’s the grassroots republicans.”

Crago says he feels the Wyoming republican platform is open to interpretation. And that the desires of one community may differ from another. “The platform is not black and white either. Right? And so there’s nuance within that. And so I think some of us disagree with what the platform says. They’re words on a paper. So, what somebody else interprets those words meaning... What I interpret those words meaning (may be different). And more importantly, what my constituents interpret those words meaning... Matter the most.”