Andrew Peasley put his toughness on full display against the Red Raiders

Published: Sep. 5, 2023 at 11:56 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - One of the most prominent factors in the Wyoming football team’s win over Texas Tech was the play-- and resilience-- of quarterback Andrew Peasley.

There were multiple occasions where he absorbed a big hit and stayed down for a few moments, but each time he returned to the field of play. Peasley said that despite the pain he was enduring, leaving the game was simply not an option.

”No, there was never a doubt for me. I was good to go most of the time. I just took a few shots, a little slow to get up, and yeah I just needed some time to recover. A play or two,” Peasley said.

The discomfort had little to no impact on Peasley’s performance on Saturday; while the 149 yards and two touchdowns through the air don’t jump off the stat sheet, the timeliness of his big plays proved to be crucial. He helped engineer a 17 point comeback against the Red Raiders, and led touchdown drives in both overtime periods to get the victory.

A number of those pivotal plays happened through running the ball as well, where Peasley was quite effective all game. He took 15 carries for 68 yards and a touchdown, but the keepers were often where he took the most physical punishment. The captain repeatedly sacrificed his body for the team, and that sort of heart helped inspire the people around him.

”He took some hard shots, some body blows. We pulled him out one time simply because he was-- I go ‘how you feel?’ he goes ‘everything hurts, everything hurts.’ And I said ‘well, [can you still do] quarterback runs?’ he goes ‘I can keep running.’ You know I think it had an impact on some of the things, but he worked through it and obviously the touchdown he made was another good execution. A read by him and a call by [offensive coordinator] Tim [Polasek], and I can’t say enough about Andrew,” head coach Craig Bohl said.

“Quarterbacks are normally the ones that I mean get a few bumps and they’re complaining and everything. But no, Peasley’s a super tough guy, and seeing him out there and doing that definitely gave us [as a defense] like huge fuel. Because we would see [him take a big hit], and then we’d see him run for a first down right after. So we’re like ‘alright yeah, we got a dog out there,’” defensive tackle Jordan Bertagnole said.

“Seeing your quarterback just be able to take a lot and fight through it with adversity makes you want to fight even more. Because you know he’s a captain, he leads us,” running back Sam Scott said.

Peasley is expected to play in the Cowboys’ next game against Portland State.