WATCH: Moment by moment relive The Cowboy’s upset of Texas Tech with Wyoming News Now Sports

Published: Sep. 3, 2023 at 9:37 PM CDT
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LARAMIE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - You would have to be living under a rock in Curt Gowdy State Park to not have heard of Wyoming Football’s double overtime 35-33 win over Texas Tech.

But, I want you to join me as I tell you the story of how some Pokes made history.

This fairytale did not start out very pretty for Wyoming, The Red Raiders came in with that explosive air raid offense and showed Wyoming exactly what it is made of.

Texas Tech capitalized on a lethargic Wyoming offense and a Jamari Ferrell fumble to score touchdowns on their first two drives of the game. Tyler shough and his offense were cutting through Wyoming like butter.

Even when the cowboys could get a stop a 54 yard field goal would make it 17-0 after just the first quarter.

At the time it felt like an improbable comeback, but these cowboys are built different.

“Fight, just fight,” Linebacker, Shae Suiaunoa, said. “The only thing you can do is just fight. Coach Sawvel kept saying ‘play by play’, so if you win that play then we go to the next play and we win that play then we are going to be just fine. We just went play by play and that’s just how the motto is.

“We never pointed a finger, we never were blaming somebody else, we took that ownership and were like, ‘okay what do we have to do? We’ve been in this situation before.’” Defensive Tackle, Jordan Bertagnole, said. “I feel like we leaned on the offense, the offense leaned on us through that game and I feel like that’s how we came out on top.”

Fight these cowboys did, the offense got some production going in the second quarter but were not able to convert on third downs. So out came John Hoyland to attempt a career long 56 yard field goal and he nailed it with some room to spare to finally get the cowboys on the board. The defense really started to show up too, Wrook Brown’s interception on the next drive shifted the momentum in Wyoming’s favor. Brown’s first career INT could not have come at a better time for this team.

“It was early, but, when Wrook Brown got the interception, I think that’s when it started to say ‘okay, we can make plays too.” Head Coach, Craig Bohl, said.

Immediately the Cowboys started to make plays, the possession after interception the Wyoming was able to put together a solid drive and Andrew Peasley connected with his big full back, Caleb Driskill, for the first touchdown of not only this game but his career.

Fast forward now to the third quarter as Sam Scott rips one off for sixteen yards to tie this one up with also his first career score, then we had a ball game.

“Obviously you guys have gotta know my back story,” Running back, Sam Scott, said. “I was a linebacker and moved to running back. So, finding my place and being able to show up for this game and show up for the end there was just a dream come true.”

This was a dream that no Cowboy fan wanted to wake up from. With a tie game on the line Wyoming blocked a field goal to give their offense a chance to get ahead, the special teams showed up too. Then the Pokes would march down the in the fourth quarter to set John Hoyland up for his second field goal of the game and give the cowboys the lead, 20-17 with just under nine minutes left in the fourth quarter.

“You don’t realize how nice it is to have a kicker until they kick those type of field goals,” Quarterback, Andrew Peasley, said. “I support john every day. We always have a period of extra point and I’ll stand next to him and I’ll dap him up at the end and say ‘good job’ because I know what he’s capable of and he shows it. I’m happy for him.”

The Red Raiders kicker took his chance to play hero as well and hit one with just 41 seconds left in the game. So, on to overtime we go in a game that Cowboy fans will be talking about for many years to come.

Who else, in Wyoming first possession of overtime to get the first score than Andrew Peasley? Doing so on a play that was executed so well it fooled me! What a night for Peasley, he put everything on the line to get the win.

“I mean Andrew Peasley is as tough as boot leather as much as he got hit and kept hanging in there,” Coach Bohl said.

Despite Peasley’s efforts Texas Tech was not going to go away. They forced second overtime and then on their first possession they scored on a beautiful pass to the corner of the endzone. The Cowboy defense hangs in there though and denies the Red Raiders’ two point conversion.

Do or die time for the pokes on fourth and eleven. Andrew Peasley beats the blitz and somehow finds John Michael Gyllenborg over the middle who brings it back to a tie game once again.

Then Sam Scott, the freshman hero of the night, walks it into the endzone untouched and wins it.

The stands begin to flood onto Jonah Field and it is bedlam in Laramie

Exhilaration in the Cowboy State.

The pokes completed the improbable against all odds, a statement win not only for this team, but something this state will cherish for a long time coming.

“I take an immense deal of pride in this win tonight, in this team, this state, that crowd,” Offensive Lineman and Laramie native, Frank Crum, said. “That was unbelievable, that was electric, it was probably the most fun I’ve had at a home game for sure.”

The story continues for the cowboys this upcoming Saturday against Portland state.