Natrona Republicans refute RINO website

A political website that always seems to cause controversy during election season, is a site ran by a republican that calls out other republicans.
Published: Aug. 30, 2023 at 6:57 PM CDT
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - A political website that has been around for several years always seems to cause controversy during election season. It’s a site ran by a republican... that calls out other republicans.

I sat down and had an informative talk with the chair of the Natrona County Republican Party, Joe MacGuire. The following is a large portion of our chat.

James: “How’s it been going today, Joe?”

Joe: “Just fine, thank you. Beautiful day, today.”

James: “It’s been a beautiful day here in the Casper area. Now, I recently learned of a very interesting website, called For those who may not be familiar, tell us a little about that site.”

Joe: “It’s an anonymous website that was put together in about 2019. And it’s... Somebody I guess... In their jammies in the mommy’s basement, who decides who’s a good republican and who’s not. Based on 10 votes. Out of literally hundreds of votes that any legislator... Or presumably the governor makes... During a session.”

Of note, the acronym RINO stands for Republican In Name Only on that website. And this month’s ‘RINO of the month’? None other than Governor Mark Gordon.

James: “I’m sure the website... And you mentioned... That you guys feel isn’t the most just. Would you like to see it taken down? Would you like to see actions taken against the website?”

Joe: “No, I’d like to see him come out... Stand up... And engage in a frank discussion... With the people who they are indicting... And let’s see how it frames out.”

James: “On that note, I know you guys have an event coming up on September 14th, here in Casper, at the Ramkota. Now, is this event open to the public? And tell us a little bit more about what will be going on?”

Joe: “It’s open to the public. And it involves a dinner. Starts at 5 pm (with) a cocktail hour; dinner starts at 6 pm. Dinner tickets are $30. The program starts at 7 pm. And we have a great moderator. Rod Miller is going to be the moderator. And then we have some legislators who have been accused of being RINO’s.”

James: “So at the event on the 14th, you guys would actually love to be able to have... I guess a... Debate or discussion with the person or people who run the website, right?”

Joe: “Sure. Find out why they pick their particular 10 votes... Out of the hundreds of votes... Why they don’t give people an opportunity to rebut their accusation, and some of the things they choose for their quote-unquote criteria.”

James: “So the 14th will sound pretty interesting. And I think I’m invited to cover that, right? Am I allowed to come and hand out with you guys?”

Joe: “Oh absolutely! We’d love to have you! It’ll be a lot of fun!”

James: “There we go. So we’ll look forward to that on September 14th! Thank you very much for coming by, Joe. I appreciate it!”

Joe: “Thank you!”