Craig Bohl looks ahead at Week 1 against Texas Tech

Published: Aug. 28, 2023 at 5:28 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - It’s finally game week here in Laramie. On Saturday the stands of War Memorial Stadium are going to be filled to the brim as the Cowboys take on the Red Raiders of Texas Tech.

That’s a big opponent, going into week one, Head Coach Craig Bohl had a lot of good things to say about his team and also what he was looking out for against Texas Tech. “We have a mature football team with a lot of experience,” Coach Bohl said. “I’m convinced they are emotionally bought in. We have good ability. But, our X-Factor is going to be our chemistry and how we play together and utilizing our strengths.”

Texas Tech has a legacy Mike Leach pass first offense that ranked top 25 in the nation last year. No matter how experienced the Cowboy’s defense it, it is going to be a challenge.

“We’re going to get tested and our players recognize that. Coach Boyd and Coach Sawvel recognize that. They will get tested, what’s going to be important along with that though is to supplement that pressure we can put on with our front four. That’s an X-Factor. If the ball can come out a little bit earlier. If we can dislodge the quarterback and get him off his mark and get some errant throws,” Bohl said.

The Wyoming defense recorded 37 sacks last year, good for the 21st best sacks per game rank in the country. If they are able to replicate that success on Saturday, it will be up to the secondary to do the rest.

“We will get tested in the back end. What is encouraging is, Jakorey (Hawkins) played a lot of football last year. Wrook (Brown) played a lot of football, Wyatt (Ekeler) played a lot of football, Isaac White played a lot of football. The X-Factor is Kolbey (Taylor), who played limited but thus far has shown a lot of promise,” Bohl Said.

As if having a Power Five program at The War wasn’t a big deal enough, it’s going to be on national television, CBS, with a primetime spot at 5:30. There are going to be a lot of eyes on this Wyoming program.

“We’re locked in. The best thing I know is there’s an old saying, ‘you dance with who brung ya’. You better leverage your strengths, try not to be somebody that you’re not, try to be very authentic. For our players, to recognize this is an opprotunity to highlight our program. Also, I am excited for our fans to have a chance to experience that as well,” Bohl said.

We are going to continue to keep deep diving into this matchup every single day until Saturday