The 307 Bison Run in Casper is a First in the Oil City

Published: Aug. 17, 2023 at 2:00 PM CDT
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - For the first time in Casper, the YMCA held the 307 Bison Run, which was a 5k run but it came with a shake up.

A whole slew of obstacles were placed all along the Hogadon Basin Ski Area as the runners made their way up the course. From rock climbing walls, to climbing a rope after running through mud, the obstacles definitely challenged these runners.

Two of the runners in the event, Kurt and Izabela Tysver, have had their fair share with these obstacle races, and they talked about how this one stacked up to others they have ran.

Kurt said, “Overall we liked it, a lot of the spartan races you know and other stuff like to do the ski resorts and the mountains, so this is very reminiscent of that where you’re, you’re taking time to you know see the sights when you get to the top of one of them and walking up the ski slopes kind of sucks but.”

Kurt and Izabela both have experience running courses like this one, as they both have raced in over 50 obstacle course runs combined. They gave their seal of approval for the difficulty of the course.

“I was thinking as a runner, it was nice because the obstacles were just enough of a challenge, but never too daunting where you just couldn’t do it,” said Kurt. Izabela remarked, “I think the races where the obstacles are way harder right? It was actually a nice and refreshing race because it felt like I could do that and other people can do it, so it was really inviting rather than discouraging.”

There were many obstacles that took inspiration from other obstacle course runs, such as the Spartan Race, and these were no ordinary hurdles. From rock climb walls, to rope swings, to one called the olympus, these obstacles forced these runners to use more than their legs to navigate the course.

When it came to which obstacle was one of the more difficult ones, Izabela said, “for me probably was the rock climbing part and then log, log pulling, the wood log pull. That was a surprising challenge, I approached it and I’m like ‘oh that doesn’t, it’s wood it shouldn’t be that heavy,” and Kurt agreed saying, “yeah, and that one was actually surprisingly difficult.”

Looking at it from the outside it may seem like it’s not for everybody, but there is nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishing the entire course.

Izabela said there really isn’t anything like completing the course, saying “I really would encourage people, like I saw a couple of people struggling out there, to do it, to try. Literally you don’t need to race, you don’t need to run. You could just walk, do obstacles you can do or don’t do them, because the feeling afterwards is so inspiring, so motivating, so encouraging.”

By the end of the race, over 40 runners managed to complete the 307 Bison Run.