2023 High School Football Preview: The Central High School Indians

Updated: Aug. 15, 2023 at 7:00 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - The Central Indians are gearing up for the upcoming season and one thing to know about this team is how well they play at home. But, in order to elevate themselves to a state championship caliber team they’ve got to take the magic of Riske Stadium on the Road.

“An old cliche and I don’t want to use it all the time, ‘use that business mentality’, we are here to play a game,” Head Coach, Mike Apodaca, said. “Sometimes, honestly, playing on the road limits the distractions as well. That is not a bad thing either. The reality is, if we are going to be a championship team, there’s just no excuses about where we are playing, you’ve got a game on the schedule and you want to do big things, we have to turn it around.”

But, no matter where they play, one of the big focus points for Central is staying true to their identity.

“We’re really physical, “Senior Running Back, Mason Counter, said. “We’ve gotten a lot of praise for that, even in the Spring. We got a lot of praise for being one of the more physical teams at camp, just in general, so I feel really good about that.”

“Just keeping the same mentality every game, wherever you’re going, just beating the team across from you,” Senior Quarterback, Miles Porwoll, said. “It doesn’t really matter who is watching you, just doing the right things every night and coming away with a W.”

Wyoming High School Football fans are going to have the Indians week one match up with Sheridan circled on the board. Not only did Sheridan give The Indians their first loss of the season last year, they knocked them out of the playoffs and Central has not beat them in three years.

The Indians are going to be facing off against one of the premier programs of the past decade.

“I think the great thing about playing Sheridan early is that they are the measuring stick in this division. Honestly, I’d rather play a team out of the gates that has that kind of talent and competitiveness becuase we are going to find out real early where we are.“ Coach Apodaca said.

“I think we got em, they lost some good players, we lost some good players,” Senior Lineman, Tyler Gaer, said. “We just have to go out and compete better.

At the end of each interview I asked each person if they had anything else to add, here is how they responded:

“Go Tribe,” Coach Apodaca said. “Come watch our games,” Gaer said. “Come out and support, it’ll be a fun year,” Porwoll said. “Come support,” Counter said.

It all starts under the Friday Night Lights on the 25th, and we cannot wait.