Heart and Hustle: A race 103 years in the making

Meet 103-year-old Wyoming Senior Olympic runner, Gerry Meyer
Published: Aug. 6, 2023 at 10:51 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Gerry Meyer’s 50 meter run started just like any other but in reality, this race began 37,898 days ago in New Mexico.

That takes us back to November 1919, World War one had just ended, Woodrow Wilson was president, and the Roaring 20s were just around the corner.

But, in just 26.4 Gerry Meyer crossed the finish line inspiring all of us.

“The idea that exercise and this sort of activity is really good for you and makes you feel better,” Meyer said on why he enjoys running so much.

I am sure what many of you are wondering, how did he prepare for something like this? A lifetime love of running is all Gerry needed.

“Well, I train and prepare by just casual running. That’s it. But, once upon a time, in the early days. I ran every single day. We live across from a golf course in laramie. Just running out around the golf course, that’s it. And, you know, behave yourself,” Gerry said with a smile.

As state sponsored games like these disappear across the state and the region Gerry shared his appreciation for Cheyenne’s commitment to Senior Olympics as the guest speaker at the Wyoming senior Olympics Banquet.

“They’ve all quit and thank goodness you all here in Cheyenne have taken up the cudgels and maintained the continuity of the state games,” said Meyer.

With wit sharper than a razor blade and one of the most contagious smiles you will ever see Gerry’s main message to the crowd was about trusting the help you get along the way in the journey of life.

“Along your life people turn out to be either mentors or supporters and individuals will stand out as having made a real contribution and you learn from that and it’s important in life to have that kind of experience,” Meyer said.

With a century’s worth of stories , Gerry is not only a walking inspiration but a library of knowledge and wisdom. Something he is not afraid to share.

“He has that desire and that drive and he wants to share it,” De Shann Schindle, Wyoming Senior Olympics Oraganizer and Gerry’s friend, said. “He wants to share the accomplishments of his life with everyone in the world. He is happy to do it and have a conversation with you.”

When I asked Gerry what he had to say to all of you at home, this was it, “Keep it up. Hang in there, and do it. Do it.”

At 103-years-old, the only finish line Gerry Meyer crossed this weekend was one 50 Meters away, with plenty of gas in the tank.

Gerry has committed to competing in the 2025 National Senior Games in Des Moines, Iowa. He will be 106 when that rolls around.