Megabus now offering rides from Cheyenne to Casper and beyond

Published: Jun. 12, 2023 at 6:27 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - As we mentioned on-air last week, there is a new bus service in the region. It’s hub in Cheyenne can now connect passengers to such places as Casper, Billings, and Denver.

I had a chance to speak with Colin Emberson of Megabus, who says it may provide a better option than flying, or driving yourself.

James: “How long has Megabus been around, as far as a company or corporation?”

Colin: “So Megabus started, under our old ownership group, in the UK in 2006. Came to the US in 2008. And we’ve grown rapidly since then. Especially in the last 6-7 months, through partnerships.”

James: “So now, tell me a little bit about this new partnership that you guys have with Express Arrow.”

Colin: “I think there’s three sides that win. We’re able to expand our footprint. We’re able to bring more customers to our partners. And probably most importantly, we’re making it a lot easier for customers to figure out how to get around. All over the place, and all over the country. In almost 600 hundred cities now, on the Megabus network.”

James: “I’ve heard multiple stories, of people who live in Casper, who will drive and park in Denver, to fly out. And still save money by doing that. As opposed to flying out of Casper. So I guess, A) were you even aware of that beforehand, then B) do you think that... Maybe for those who want to go to Cheyenne or Denver... And not have to pony up a big amount... Do you guys become a good alternative for that?”

Colin: “Yeah, absolutely! So we know... Especially with regional airports... It seems like the regional flights are really the ones that start to get... Where you feel they’re astronomical. So we definitely see a great value. And we know there’s lots of locations we serve... Where people are taking off to get to that hub airport, if you will. Where it’s a lot more cheaper to take the bus on ‘this leg,’ then fly ‘that leg’.

James: “Hey, I think that takes care of everything on my end. Anything I may have missed, or anything else you want to throw out?”

Colin: “The other big area with me is the environmental-friendly aspect. It’s the greenest way to travel... When you compare it to cars, to planes, to trains. The carbon emissions per passenger mile... It’s the greenest way to travel.”

A one-way ticket between Cheyenne and Casper will cost around 55-dollars, give or take. For more information, you can visit the Megabus website: