Fridays on the Plaza and First Weather LIVE

Published: Jun. 7, 2023 at 12:57 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -Things are getting a little more uncertain weather wise, so of course, we decided to send Carl Rippy out into the plaza along with our Valeria Fugate to check in with us from downtown Cheyenne.

Let’s see how they’re faring so far out there...guys?

We’re here at Cheyenne Depot to kick off the first annual Fridays on the Plaza.

We’ve got folks trickling in for tonight’s event that starts at 6, with headliners at 7:30.

We have G-Licious barbecue, Dickey’s barbecue and Queso.

If you want a beer go talk to Stephanie or Garry at the beer booth and folks are just trickling in for tonight’s show.

Carl, what can we expect from night weather?

Oh, we gotta give a shout-out to the volunteers and organizers that made tonight happen.

Amazing event, amazing energy. Carl, what can we expect from tonight’s weather?

It’s gonna be similar to what we had earlier tonight. We do have some clouds that are trying to build in so if you’re headed down to the plaza, or you’re out of an art walk, it’s going to be a pretty nice evening.

A little bit of a breeze; you might expect to sprinkle or two here and there.

Fairly well set up for anything that could happen tonight, and looking out our window from our skycam, that’s sponsored by Lennox.

We do have some pretty nice-looking conditions, really all the way around.

And with that, those clouds that are trying to make their way through, they held some of that heat in.

We’re 13゚ warmer than we were last night in Cheyenne seven degrees warmer, and Laramie, you’ll notice too that we’ve got some warmer weather to our North and East.

Over to our South and East, we do have some cooler conditions, and that’s going to circulate in.

That’s why we only made it up into those mid-sixties for our daytime eyes in the Capital city.

We’ve got 72 for us in Wheatland, and that’s where we landed.

We’re looking good all the way around in terms of weather alerts.

A lot of moisture though that’s going to be coming in.

Our ground in some places is fairly saturated so that runoff could be an issue for some of us.

That’s not going to be the case everywhere.

Our clouds are going to linger, and you can be a bit dreary tomorrow, but no big deal.

We do have a wet finish as we get into tomorrow night, and then looking at our conditions as we are here LIVE at the Depot Plaza, where things are really starting to ramp up.

It’s really pretty pleasant out here, and we’ve got lots going on, including all that you would expect coming out for the extravaganza that this is gonna be.

Alright so come on down, the events start at 6 o’clock, headliners at 7:30.

Thanks to all the volunteers and organizers that made this happen.

They put in so much effort, and it looks fantastic come on and join us.