Grant program gets kids moving

Published: Apr. 28, 2023 at 9:38 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Any parents will tell you the best way to keep a kid focused, is to keep them busy. Well, a new Grant program has figured that out too.

Last year P.E. Teacher Kelsey Hemanover from Hobbs Elementary applied to a national Grant program and won.

Enough to make sure that 25 kids could stay active.

The national bike program afforded the school to purchase 25 tread bikes for the kindergarteners and first graders. 

Thanks to the national “All Kids Bike” program, these elementary kids at Hobbs all get a chance not just to learn how to ride a bike but important life lessons.

“That you’re gonna try things that you’re not great at. But it’s important that we fail and we get back up,” said Hemenover.

Hemenover says that when students are surrounded by their peers, they are more apt to learn and try.

“They tend to kind of follow along, and then they’re less reluctant to be afraid to fail.], you know they work together, and they encourage each other, and if they fall, they get backup,” said Hemenover.

Mayor Patrick Collins, who was in attendance for the bike unveiling, took it upon himself to take the bikes to his shop to assemble.

“I’ve run into parents outside of school who have thanked me and said. When we get our bikes out now, we just get to ride, and we don’t have to worry about learning and getting frustrated,” said Hemenover.

The program provides grants to Elementary schools to get kids active and onto bikes.

“I like having fun,, and riding outside with them,” said Luciana Caudillo, Hobbs Elementary 1st Grader.

Kids get motivated to focus in class and learn. To stick with something until they master a new skill.

“This is one of the units where I notice the kids tell me, ‘Thanks for teaching me,’ and you don’t always hear that. But this is something that they see right away that they can apply outside of school,” said Hemenover. 

For information on the bike program or to apply for the grant, click here.