Two Wyoming Special Olympic Powerlifters Reflect on the 2022 National Special Olympics Stage

Published: Apr. 18, 2023 at 12:16 PM CDT
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - The 2022 special Olympic games took place in Orlando, and there were a couple of Wyoming powerlifters.

One of those lifters, Ken Roy, won three medals and that experience is something that he cherishes.

He said, “It was fantastic. To meet other power lifters throughout the United States, and competing against them, it showed me how to... It showed me the perspective how to perceive myself in powerlifting.”

Although ken won’t participate in power lifting for the next year due to complications with his knee, he still offers some advice to people getting into lifting.

“For experience, just take your time, and do what your coach says. Take his advice, he’s been there, he’s done that, so it’s a lesson learned,” said Ken.

He wasn’t the only one who made it to nationals last year, as Alyssa Lattimer, also got her chance to participate on the grandest stage.

As she looks back, she said, “It was so wonderful, and it was incredible. I was a champion and a star in power lifting, and I did dead lifts.”

Alyssa credits her coach Bart Strickland for helping her with her lifting, and she sings nothing but praises about him.

“He’s really funny, talented, and positive, and he was proud of me to do lifting.” The area 5 games are coming up on April 27th and 29th in Casper.

This year, Ken will be participating in basketball, while Alyssa will be back to powerlifting.