Savage: The Relentless Pursuit of a Dream Documentary Premieres in Casper

Published: Apr. 5, 2023 at 1:55 PM CDT
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - The Frontier Brewery in downtown Casper hosted the premiere of the Savage documentary about professional bull rider Clayton Savage.

This all started when the husband of the director and producer of the film Morgan Law gave the idea of making a movie about Savage.

She said, “I went to a rodeo and my husband and kids have never been before and they watched Clayton Savage ride and my husband said ‘someone should make a movie about this man’ and so I said ‘well I’ll try it.’”

She’d known Savage since high school, and knew that it would take some convincing to get the documentary going.

“He’s a very quiet and humble person who doesn’t like attention,” Law said of Clayton, “and so the whole idea of the film when I came to him and I said ‘can we make a small video about you riding bulls’ and he said ‘that might be ok’ and I took it and ran with it.”

In the middle of his career he received life altering news.

On top of several injuries endured during bull riding, he began having seizures after his 20-12 campaign and was diagnosed with epilepsy.

Despite this he never thought about giving up riding and continues to do it to this day.

Savage said, “I don’t think I was ever scared to get on again, I think it was more, you know, kinda scared thinking of my family and stuff like that, but I never worried about the bull riding part of it I guess.”

Both law and Savage hope that this story can be used to inspire people to never give up on your dreams, despite any roadblocks that come up.

Law said, “His story inspired me and everyone that worked on the film and so the goal was to tell an inspiring story and show people not to give up on your dreams.”

“It’s still what I love to do and I still try hard at it and work for it and if everybody does that in life you know, it just gets you closer to the next step,” said Savage

While the documentary premiered in Casper, there are still a couple of small changes it will go through before being shown at film festivals. After that, it will then need to be picked up by streaming services before people can watch it at home.