Interscholastic bill stops Trans-Athletes from competing

Updated: Mar. 21, 2023 at 7:12 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - As new laws continue to get passed or signed into law by Gov. Mark Gordon.

Another hot topic bill hits the ground regarding Title 9 Civil Rights legislation and athletes.

”They should have the opportunity to have a fair and equitable competitive area in every sport. We’ve had it for 50 years through Title 9, and we don’t want to mess with Title 9. We want to continue to have that lane for our biological girls,” said Sen. Wendy Schuler, S.D. 15 & Coach.

Gov. Gordon has passed the Interscholastic Sports bill that bans trans-athlete from competing into law without his signature.

The Governor said that while he supports and agrees with the overall goal of fairness in competitive female sports, the ban included in the legislation is discriminatory, paying little attention to the fundamental principles of equality.

Gordon continues by saying while the intent of this legislation is well-meaning by enacting an outright ban on transgender individuals Wyoming sends a harmful message that these individuals and their families do not deserve the same opportunities as others.

This bill will go into effect July 1st not impacting current student-athletes this season.

The Governor will also work with the state Superintendent of Public Instruction prior to the start of the next school year to ensure clear guidance from Wyoming high school activities.

”We see this as both unconstitutional and a violation of Title 9 of the Civil Rights Act which protects students. So this includes people who are trans-gender from discrimination based on sex. This law discriminates on people based on being trans-gender, plain and simple. This is a direct attack on trans-gender youth who are just trying to be kids,” said Antonio Serrano, Advocacy Director, ACLU Wyoming.

Sen. Schuler says there have been 8 female athletes that have been knocked off the winners’ podium due to trans-athletes in their respective sports.